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 Lead Graphic Designer & Creative - Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson has over 20 years in design and illustration. A native of Atlanta, he graduated from design school and went on to win many awards for creativity and originality in his work. Bill started his design career working with T-Shirt design learning the intricate details of screen printing setup and becoming an expert with working in Vector file compilations.


2010 was a year of change and Bill went on to form a group of designers working together to become a media and design solutions powerhouse. Bringing in new collaborative designers and contractors on a continuous basis to grow the network of specialists. TDS - aka - Thompson Design Studio was created out of that necessity to have a place that could offer businesses design solutions in a simple and easy way.


TDS continues to grow and add new concepts to the standard offerings. Bill is proud to be able to supply a much needed service in a very special niche of the market - the small to medium business. 


Bill resides in Georgia with his wife and family.





WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK with the TDS team?  Send your resume to  State in subject line "IC for TDS".  


We will respond to all queries, but allow turn around time for each submission.*


 (*Note:  All Jobs with TDS are Independent Cotnractor positions.)

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