Human Sketch
William Thompson

Art Direction & Production

William Thompson has been working in the design world for over 25+ years and creates designs in all types of mediums. From tactile designs of murals, logos, drawings, illustrations, trompe l'oeil,  and branding. To digital art in its many forms.

One on one consultations will give William the information he needs to produce the artistic vision that you may have to become a reality. Whether you need a mural created on a wall at a business or your home William can create anything you can dream up.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of a prestigious design school, he started out his career working with T-shirt design to learn the intricate details of screen printing to become a expert working with Vector file compilations. In 2010, he formed his own company to work with other independent, like-minded artists to create a consortium of experts in the artistic world working together to produce amazing work for individuals and businesses. Offering design solutions that give the client satisfaction.