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Every written word paints a picture for the reader.

Writing is one of the most important elements of any document or project.  At Thompson Design Studio we can write and edit novels, manuscripts, story idea treatments, film/theater/television/radio scripts,  newsletters, production materials, catalogs, books, corporate documentation, portfolios and more.  Once your document has been written and/or edited we can place it into a flip book format or have it published in hard copy.

Your finished work will be delivered to you in a format that will make it easy to promote throughout your promotional network.  Giving you a leg up on the competition.

NOTE:  Prices are quoted per project and time deadline restraints.  Most projects will run between $500-1,000 for a 100 page document.  Some will be as low as $250.  We require a 50% retainer fee upfront on all writing and editing jobs, balance paid upon completion of work.




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